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20 Feb 2010  -  
Symposium finshed! Prizes award

18 Feb 2010  -  
Symposium started!

4 Feb 2010  -  
Presentation Awards and Travel Awards Announced!

20 Jan 2010  -  
Presentation times uploaded

1 Jan 2010  -  
Extended abstract submission is now open

1 Jan 2010  -  
Extended abstract template is now available

14 Dec 2009  -  
Timetable now available

1 Dec 2009  -  
Registration is now available!

1 Dec 2009  -  
Abstract submissions are now closed

4 Nov 2009  -  
New workshop and guest speakers added!

31 Oct 2009  -  
Abstract submission deadline extended

23 Oct 2009  -  
Sponsors announced!

13 Oct 2009  -  
New workshop added!

24 Sep 2009  -  
Submission process changed to Word form

11 Sep 2009  -  
New guest speaker added!

10 Sep 2009  -  
Open for abstract submissions

4 Sep 2009  -  
Dates and venue confirmed

28 Aug 2009  -  
Website online

24 Aug 2009  -  
Student committee formed

Check out our poster:

MSA SS2010 Poster


Welcome to the offical website of the 1st and upcoming MSA Student Symposium 2010. This will be a symposium for masters and PhD research scholars and early career researchers in the field of membrane technology to come together and share their work. The theme for this year's symposium is: addressing issues in energy, food, and water - membrane applications and advanced materials.

Aim of the Symposium

To give the opportunity to students and early career researchers from both overseas and Australasia to get together to present their research area in membranes and advanced materials, as well as providing learning opportunities for them by conducting workshops guided by sponsors to give insight into industry within Australasia.

MSA Student Symposium: A successful event!

Insightful presentations, influential guest speakers, perfect weather and good company. We can honestly say that we are sad that it is over.

Our symposium mentor, Prof Tony Fane, wonderfully led us through the history of membranes, guided the motivating discussions and challenged us into the future of membrane science, for which we are very grateful for. Furthermore, Prof Rose Amal and Prof Gordon Wallace shared with us their novel responsive and functional materials, inspiring us to utilize new technology to combat membrane challenges.

All the student presentations were of such a high standard and many research relationships were formed that will build the Australasian membrane empire (or society) of the future. Two very interactive and constructive workshops were successfully conducted by Prof Vicki Chen and Prof Sandra Kentish who set up a spirited atmosphere that tackled some common gas and liquid separation problems.

Thanks is due to our sponsors, CSIRO, ARCNN, Dairy Innovation, SIEMENS, NMG, DOW Water & Process Solutions and Prof Michel Lefebvre, who made this event possible, and their representatives who were able to attend and contribute significantly to the discussions, Anita Hill, Matthew Hill, Elankovan Ponnampalam, Geoff Johnston-Hall, Clem Powell, Jim Hill and David Halliwell.

For those who are game, there is photographic evidence of the event on the next page,

Finally, congratulations go to the following award winners of the event:

Aaron Thornton on behalf of the MSA Student Symposium committee.

Another Big Thank-you

To everyone that participated in this year's Student Symposium! It truly was the best inaugural Student Symposium. Ever. There will be pictures up soon, and a compilation of everyone's extended abstracts too. i've been busy >_<.

David - Webmaster.

Further Information

ICONN 2010

This symposium has been set in date and venue to run just before the ICONN2010 conference in Sydney from 22-26th February 2010, for the convenience of those that are or are hoping to attend this event.

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