Constitution and Founders

The MSA, as a company Limited by Guarantee, is managed by a Board of Directors and operates under rules contained in a Constitution. All members of MSA are required to formally acknowledge their agreement to abide by these rules which includes a clause limiting each members liability to $20 upon the winding-up of the Company. Each year at the AGM, a number of Director position are opened for nominations, enabling prospective members to run for election and to ensuring the Board is constantly refreshed.

Members may request a copy of the Constitution by emailing: [email protected]

Founding Board Members
Prof. Mikel Duke
A/Prof. Bradley Ladewig
A/Prof. Pierre Le-Clech
Prof. Vicki Chen
Prof. Joe Diniz da Costa
Prof. Stephen Gray
Dr. Anita Hill
Prof. Sandra Kentish
Dr. Ludovic F Dumée