Board of Directors

The MSA is managed by a rotating Board of Directors, comprising of:

President – Prof Hokyong Shon, University of Technology Sydney

Vice President – Dr Stefan Smith, CSIRO/ Monash University

Secretary – Dr Federico Volpin, Infinite Water

Treasurer – Dr Leonard Tijing, University of Technology Sydney

Marketing Coordinator – Dr David Wang, University of Sydney

International Engagement – Dr Andrea Merenda, Deakin University

Awards Coordinator – Dr Zongli Xie, CSIRO

Industry Engagement – Prof Xiwang Zhang, Monash University

Membership Coordinator – Dr Geoffrey Johnston-Hall, Dupont Water Solutions

Events Coordinator – Dr Filicia Wicaksana, University of Auckland

Communication Coordinator – Prof Faisal Hai, University of Wollongong

Other Committee Members & Volunteers

The Board of Directors would like to thank the Society’s many member-volunteers for their dedication and effort, without whom, the MSA could not exist.