Membrane R&D Director: Koch Membrane Systems

From: Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.

Project: Director of Research and Development

KMS is seeking a Director of Membrane Research and Development to be located in Wilmington, Mass.  This position will report to KMS’ Chief Operating Officer – Technology & Manufacturing.

KMS employs several experienced membrane development engineers and numerous technicians supporting the Company’s semi-permeable membrane research, located both in Wilmington and in our European manufacturing center of Aachen, Germany.  The Director of Membrane R & D will be expected to supervise this team.

The Company is very well equipped with research facilities and testing devices.  We possess a variety of different size pilot plants, which are used to produce small quantities of research membranes.  These are then evaluated for their performances with state of the art testing methods.  Our development work takes place next door to our manufacturing plants which allows for easy transfer of new, improved membranes into manufacturing.

KMS produces a full range of all semi-permeable membrane types and all geometries.  These include reverse osmosis (RO), nano filtration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), and micro filtration (MF).  The geometries vary from tubular, to hollow fiber (both flowing from inside to out, and outside to in), and to flat sheet.  No company has a more diverse range of membrane products for an even more diverse range of applications than KMS.

The principal objective of the membrane development effort is twofold.  One is to continuously improve over time the membrane performance consisting of the filtration efficiency, flux flow rates, and the life times in operating service of all the membrane types manufactured by KMS.    The second is equally important, and that is to develop adhesives, that in some cases must be customized for the application, which will successfully glue together the membranes and associated components, that in combination make up the element and/or cartridge final product.  The adhesives must be long lasting and effective in preventing leaks inside the element or cartridge.  The Company has invested heavily over the years in developing state of the art membranes and plans to continue this support for years to come.

Basic and Preferred Qualifications

  • PhD degree required in either chemistry, chemical engineering or polymer science, with a thesis focused on semi-permeable membrane development.
  • Minimum ten years experience in membrane development.
  • A record of successful creation of superior membranes is a must.
  • A working knowledge of the types of adhesives used in the manufacture of membrane elements and cartridges.
  • Supervisory experience in managing R&D engineers and technicians.
  • Capability of working collaboratively with colleagues from other disciplines, such as sales, manufacturing, and business development.
  • Ability to write excellent technical reports and to speak effectively at technical meetings.
  • Willingness to travel minimal amount as needed.

Compensation will be commensurate with experience and capabilities. Relocation will be available to highly qualified candidates.

Application Process

We follow OFCCP guidelines for internet applicant acceptance.  Therefore, we can only accept resumes via our on-line application.  Please follow the application directions and complete our on-line application set forth at must upload your resume AND complete the application if you want to be considered for this role.

Equal Opportunity Employer – Male/Female/Disabled/Veteran

Pre-employment drug tests are required, unless prohibited by law.

For Further Details contact: Pamela Brown, Global Director of Human Resources, KMS, 850 Main Street, Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887, ph 978-694-7119, cell 617-930-0606, [email protected] , ,

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