Postdoctoral Fellowship: CO2 Computational Modelling


Project: CO2 Computational Modelling

CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering are seeking to appoint a Post doctoral Fellow who will conduct research in the area of computational modelling for functional materials that capture, separate and convert carbon dioxide to solve the energy waste road block.

Specifically you will:

  • Develop and utilize computational models to screen and advance the understanding of CO2 capture within Metal-Organic Frameworks; and
  • Report results and algorithms in oral and written form, and write papers for peer-reviewed Journals, reports, software and patents.

Location: Clayton, VIC
Salary: $75K – $82K per annum plus up to 15.4% superannuation
Tenure: 2 years
Ref No: PF12/00066

The successful applicant will be a computational scientist with expertise in porous materials, gas/vapour/liquid diffusion or adsorption. They will also have:

  • A PhD degree in computational modelling of materials, computational chemistry, computer science, materials science, nanotechnology, mathematics or related area.
  • A demonstrated ability to carry out research and publish in the area of computational modelling, porous materials, adsorbents or membrane separations at an international level; and
  • Strong written and oral communication skills including an ability to make scientific presentations to audiences with scientific and non-scientific background.
For information follow this link: CSIRO position PF12/00066

For Further Details contact: Dr. Aaron Thornton, e-mail [email protected]

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