MSA Activities

Since its formation in 2009, the MSA has been delivering the following functions and activities for the benefit of its members:

  • Maintain a network of like-minded people in the membrane community, via board elections, teleconference meetings, and the MSA website that lists the members and their involvement in the membrane community;
  • Established committees for organising conferences. The first was the student conference, then as of 2014, the higher profile IMSTEC and ICIM conferences. Hosting these international conferences have raised the profile of the MSA in the international membrane community;
  • The MSA is a high level conduit to its peer societies internationally. EMS, NAMS and AMS are all well connected to the MSA. This has established a role for the MSA in establishing deals between conferences (for example mutual member discounts to encourage member registration to societies). Further, the MSA will become involved in organising other international membrane conferences when they come to Australia or New Zealand. For example Australia has bid for ICOM (via MSA) and will also be required to organise the AMS conference in 2017, after Japan in 2016.
  • Produce and distribute a regular newsletter;
  • Formed links to other Australian associations (AWA, RACI and Engineers Australia are regarded as key links); and
  • Advertise jobs in the membrane field to members.