Travel Award Program

In order to assist MSA student and ECRs to attend international conferences, the MSA will sponsor travel awards to support their travel and attendance costs to a maximum of $500 AUD. Details of travel award application on each conference will be announced to MSA members several months before the deadline of its abstract submission. The recipients will receive the cash prize into their project or travel account. Their success in receiving the award will be announced to MSA members.


  • Student or ECR members
  • Submission of an abstract to the conference
    *In order to receive the award, applicants will need to have their abstract approved for an oral or poster presentation at the conference.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be selected by a panel of judges looking for the most significant research to science/industry and who have the greatest need for financial assistance.

Target Conferences in 2016

  • IMSTEC, Adelaide Australia, December 2016  (Submission deadline: 18th November 2016)

Previous Travel Awards


Program Coordinator: Prof Greg Leslie ([email protected])