A Farewell Message from the MSA President, Prof Ho Kyong Shon

Dear MSA members,

I wish to step down from my 6-year board position and do not wish to go for a re-election. I would also like to step down from the role of my MSA President after three and a half rewarding years since July 2018. It has been a period of substantial change and extensive opportunities at MSA that has continued to evolve our dedicated and meaningful initiatives. I am so proud of the board and members to improve the MSAs value proposition, grow our membership, support industry involvement, and advance our communication and social media presence. In particular, the MSA webinar has been fantastic for me to regularly and consistently engage with our members and non-members during this pandemic.

It has been my great privilege to work with our numerous volunteers from different universities and I would like to pay special thanks to the Board Directors over the years. They really collaborate our MSA value, sprit and comment strategies with their considerable time and effort to make sure that MSA is functioning to the world-class society and standards. In particular, I thank the two Vice Presidents that I have worked with: Dr Geoffrey Johnston-Hall and Dr Stefan Smith. They have brought an organisational culture and sprit that are dedicated, transparent, open and supportive.

I am sure that despite COVID-19, MSA will be continuing to move ahead as a leading membrane society in the world.

I look forward to seeing you in an MSA event very soon.


Best regards,

Ho Kyong Shon

MSA President (2018 – 2021)


Filicia Wicaksana
Senior Lecturer/Dr

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