AMS 11 Conference

Membrane Society of Australasia successfully organised 11th conference of the Aseanian Membrane Society which was held at The Rydges Hotel in Brisbane. This conference attracted 331 delegates. It was chaired by Professor Mikel Duke from Victoria University and Dr Simon Smart from The University of Queensland.

A number of distinguished plenary speakers shared their   include,

  1. Ahmad Fauzi Ismail (University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia): “Innovations in Fundamental and Translational Research: The Experience of AMTEC”.
  2. Dr Bibhash Chakravorty (Genesis Membrane Sepratech Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India): “Applications of Membrane Technologies for Various Industries in India”.
  3. Shingjiang Jessie Lue (Chang Gung University, Taiwan): “Graphene Oxide-Polymer Nanocomposites for Energy and Water Purification Applications”.
  4. Zhi-Kang Xu (Zhejiang University, China): “Surface and Interface Engineering for Advanced Membranes”.
  5. Ho-Kyong Shon (University of Technology Sydney, Australia): “Osmotically driven desalination and energy production: membranes, draw solutions, processes and applications”.
  6. Rong Wang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore): “Development of Highly Effective Membranes for Water Reuse, Desalination and Energy Harvesting – from Laboratory to Commercialization”.
  7. Jong Hak Kim (Yonsei University, South Korea): “Amphiphilic Graft Copolymer Membranes: Synthesis, Nanostructure and Gas Separation”.
  8. Takeo Yamaguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan): “Systematic Membrane Design for Fuel Cells, Bio-inspired Materials and Desalination Processes”.

We also supported the travel for several national and international PhD students and ECRs to present their work at this conference. The list of awardees, along with other sponsored awardees, are,

Travel Awards (MSA):

  • Guang Yang (Australia), Deiling Zhao (Singapore), Stefan Smith (Australia), Gongping Liu (China), Chuanjie Fang (Japan), Yi Wang (China), Liang-Yi Wang (Singapore), Long Cheng (China), Akbar Asadi Tashvigh (Singapore)

AMS special Awards:

  • Prof C.N. Murthy (India)
  • Kangjia Lu (Singapore)
  • A/Prof Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan Othman (Malaysia)

Poster & Oral presentations:

  • Student oral award: 1st –  Boyang Meng (Membrane), 2nd – Rasmus Skov Klitgaard (Australia)
  • ECR oral award: 1st – Jaewoo Lee (Membrane), 2nd – Daisuke Saeki (Japan)
  • Student poster award: 1st – Jaehan Yun (Korea), 2nd – Micah Belle Maria Ang (Taiwan)
  • ECR poster award: 1st – Yinhua Wan (Polish Membrane Society), 2nd – Jung Hyun Lee (Korea)

The conference dinner was held on the Kookaburra Cruise to officially close the conference in style with amazing city lights and night scenes of the Brisbane River.




The next  conference of the Aseanian Membrane Society (AMS12) will be held 2-5 July 2018, Jeju Island, Korea. See here for details.

Andrea Merenda
MSA Secretary - Research Fellow

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