MSA Election 2021-Call for Nomination

Dear MSA Members,


The MSA Board is pleased to notify all MSA members that the timeline for the Close for the Call for Nomination for MSA Election 2021 is postponed to 27th October 2021 (Wednesday).


We regret to announce that Dr Stefan Smith has resigned from the MSA Board and accepted a position as Head of Strategic Projects for Divigas, a start-up company commercializing membrane technology for hydrogen separation. The MSA Board would like to thank and appreciate Dr Stefan Smith for his significant services and contributions to MSA in the past 4.5 years, in the roles of the Secretary, Board member and Vice President. The MSA Board would like to express sincere congratulations to Dr Stefan Smith and wish him all the best for his future endeavors.


Due to the resignation of Dr Stefan Smith, MSA would like to advertise a new vacancy for the Board Member. The Eligibility Criteria for the Board Member Candidate Nominations are as follows:


Eligibility Criteria

  • All MSA Members holding a valid MSA membership expiring not before Monday, October 27 2021 can be indicated and nominated as Candidates.
  • Individual, Student and Honorary memberships are automatically granted eligibility rights.
  • Eligible Candidates are nominated through MSA-Director-Nomination-Form-2021 that shall be signed by two MSA members. The nominations shall be returned to the MSA Secretaries ([email protected]). The MSA secretaries may prompt the Nominees to provide additional information, including a short biography to be added to the official ballot form.
  • In the case of MSA Corporate Members, only one Member per Corporate membership can be indicated as Eligible Candidate. The nomination form referring to an MSA Corporate Member shall be signed off by two MSA Members that do not share the same MSA Corporate membership as the Nominee.

The table below highlighted the changes of the Director Election Timeline:


Event Date
MSA Call for Elections Monday, 06/09/2021
Nomination sheet distributed 

among MSA Members

Monday, 13/09/2021
MSA call for nominations open Monday, 13/09/2021
Call for nominations close Wednesday, 27/10/2021, COB
Notification of acceptance Thursday, 28/10/2021
List of Candidates published Friday, 29/10/2021
Elections start Monday, 1/11/2021
Elections close Monday, 15/11/2021
Elections outcomes Friday, 19/11/2021
MSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) Thursday, 25/11/2021


The MSA Board encourages the MSA members to nominate the eligible candidates for the current vacant positions. Attached is the nomination form.


If you have any enquiries regarding the MSA elections, including nominations of Members, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].



All the best,


Dr Soo Leong

Dr Nawshad Chowdhury

Secretary of Membrane Society of Australasia

Filicia Wicaksana
Senior Lecturer/Dr

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