Nominations for the MSA Board of Directors will close on 19 October 2020

Reminder: Nominations for the MSA Board of Directors close on 19 October 2020

MSA Director Nomination Form – 2020

Available MSA Board seats

The current MSA Board includes 10 Board Members plus the MSA Secretary. Based on the status of current directors below, a total of 6 vacant positions will be advertised. The status of the MSA Board is presented below:

Status of MSA Directors

  • Hokyong Shon                           Elected in 2019
  • Geoffrey Johnston-Hall          up for re-election
  • Xiwang Zhang                           up for re-election
  • Zongli Xie                                   up for re-election
  • Leonard Tijing                           up for re-election
  • Stefan Smith                              up for re-election
  • David Wang                               Elected in 2019
  • Filicia Wicaksana                     Elected in 2019
  • Faisal Hai                                   Elected in 2019
  • Vacant seat


In reference to the current MSA Board, in accordance with the MSA Constitution, current Directors are automatically nominated for re-election unless written notice is given to the contrary. If a Director does not wish to be automatically nominated for re-election, an official notice of intent to retire shall be returned to Dr Filicia Wicaksana ([email protected]) by the nomination closing date.


Eligibility Criteria

  • All MSA Members holding a valid MSA membership expiring not before Monday, October 19 2020 can be indicated and nominated as Candidates.


  • Individual, Student and Honorary memberships are automatically granted eligibility rights.


  • Eligible Candidates are nominated through a nomination form that shall be signed by two MSA members. The nominations shall be returned to Dr Filicia Wicaksana ([email protected]) to verify the eligibility. Dr Wicaksana may prompt the Nominees to provide additional information, including a short biography to be added to the official ballot form.


  • In the case of MSA Corporate Members, only one Member per Corporate membership can be indicated as Eligible Candidate. The nomination form referring to an MSA Corporate Member shall be signed off by two MSA Members that do not share the same MSA Corporate membership as the Nominee.


Director Election timeline

Event Date
MSA Call for Elections Monday, 07/09/2020
Nomination sheet distributed among MSA Members Friday, 11/09/2020
MSA call for nominations open Monday, 21/09/2020
Call for nominations close Monday, 19/10/2020
Notification of acceptance Wednesday, 21/10/2020
List of Candidates published Friday, 23/10/2020
Elections start Monday, 2/11/2020
Elections close Monday, 16/11/2020
Elections outcomes Friday, 20/11/2020
MSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) Tuesday, 24/11/2020


If the number of nominations received, including those from Directors for re-election; exceeds the number of vacant positions; elections will be held via an online vote system. If required, details of the voting system will be distributed after nominations close.


If you have any enquiries regarding the MSA elections, including nominations of Members and MSA Strategic Meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me ([email protected]).

Filicia Wicaksana
Senior Lecturer/Dr

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