About the MSA

In 2009, the MSA was founded with the goal  bringing together key academics, industrial professionals, and emerging membranologists to further membrane science and technology within Australasia.

Our Vision

  • To be the nexus of membrane science and technology activity in the Australasia region;
  • To promote collaborative engagements across the community to disseminate membrane technology to end users; and
  • To capture current research and industry involvement and highlight future trends.

Our Mission

The MSA is to represent Membrane Science and Technology in Australasia realising that this will be aligned with societal needs. This will be achieved by:

  • providing an open forum for transferring and sharing technologies as well as capabilities within the members, industries and high education organizations;
  • supporting multidisciplinary networking events;
  • providing leadership and mentorship in membrane science for the Australasian membrane community;
  • promoting opportunities for young members; and
  • and enabling wider understanding of the membrane technologies for public interest.



On behalf of its members, the Board is deeply thankful to the many volunteers that have contributed to this vision and the many successes of the MSA, the most notable of whom, are forever recognized as Honorary Life Members of the Society.